As we have multiple ways for you to donate to our Fountain Valley Rotary supported causes, you can review them here and select the exact cause you wish to donate to here. 

Our Rotary Charitable Association support a variety of causes throughout the year, and this fundraising is to support those causes in general, without specifically choosing one to support. As always the Fountain Valley Rotary thanks you for your continued support of our causes!


The City of Fountain Valley is holding a Walk for Vietnam fundraiser. To donate to this cause, use the link below. The City of Fountain Valley and The Fountain Valley Rotary thank you for your generous support of this very important cause!

 To donate:

   *  Using Zelle, send donation to: FVRotaryCaPay@outlook.com

   *  By Texting, send text message "give" to 714-868-8840 and follow the             prompts.

   * Or just click the button below and enter your donation: